Monday, May 23, 2011


9:30pm...fuck I just ate soup -___-


  1. Please find it in yourself, to accept and enjoy who you are, not you you’re trying to be.

    Youth is a terrible thing to waste, yet one tends to not appreciate it when one has it.

    Your obsession with (not) eating and how you think your body should look saddens me deeply.

    Work hard on enjoying life while you have it, it’s by far the best decision you’ll ever make for yourself and the people around you.

  2. David- I didn't just wake up and decide I was unhappy with my physical appearance. The society I have lived in my whole life has done that for me. Eating disorders have everything to do with the person as well as the larger society. If the answer to ending the cycle was to look within myself to find the strength then I would have already found it...but that is never the case. If all I wanted was to be thin than that would be so easy to do, but that is not the real problem I have or many other people as well. It is about control, and the desire to have that control manifest itself as the eating disorder. Please do not think that people with eating disorders just want to be thin, because in reality it has nothing to do with the physical....

  3. I’m aware that i have no knowledge whatsoever regarding neither your life nor eating disorders for that matter.

    I stumbled across your blog by chance from a Google search, and got frustrated by what (in my perspective) a terrible loss of life and daily well being.

    Didn’t mean to offend you, nor come off as a “know it all”.

    The control perspective you mention have most certainly given me some food for thought(no pun intended :)).

    I hope you have a chance to get help, and beat this monster, it must be very difficult enjoying anything with that big hairy barstard always lurking in the corner.